We produce exclusive, non-standard size stone products which are used both in modern and classical interiors and exteriors. The latest stone processing equipment allows us to produce complex products from granite, marble or onyx. According to Greek, Roman or other carvings style, we manufacture fountains, benches, stairs, sculptures that decorate public spaces or private homes.

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We manufacture columns from your chosen stone and your desired style. Columns of exclusive design and style for individual orders.


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Various architectural carvings and decorations according to your individual order.


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We produce both classic and modern style fireplaces with decorative elements for individual order.


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We produce bulky, single-pieve design sculptures for public and private spaces.


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Iš pasirinkto akmens granito, marmuro, ar Cambria gaminame virtuvės ar vonios baldų stalviršius.


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Prekiaujame natūralaus akmens plokštėmis iš Skandinavijos, Indijos, Italijos ir kitų šalių.

Akmens grindinys

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Pasirinktą akmenį pjauname į įvairaus storio ir dydžio grindinio plyteles, kurių paviršių apdirbame įvairiais būdais. Akmens grindinį pagyviname atlikdami įvairius išraižymus, įpjovas ar įspaudus.

Other products

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Under the special order we can produce: bathtubs, sinks, table tops, stairs, benches, fountains, pots, suede aides, interior and exterior elements and other small architectural products from your chosen stone. We can also offer stone products: construction pillars, bortes, tiles, mosaics, etc.


Correspondence address: V. Zalakeviciaus str. 14, 10111, Vilnius, Lithuania
+370 (698) 87720
Company code: 304446056
VAT code: LT100010689411
Working hours: I – V 8:00 – 17:00

V. Zalakeviciaus gatve, Vilnius, Lithuania